My Sister, how she should be remembered

I have a beautiful sister who is an angel now, a sister, a mom, an aunt and a friend. I would say Wife but the killer is out of Jail. He doesn’t deserved to be called a husband.

My sis loved her children, she has 3. 2 son’s and 1 daughter.


They are growing up daily and only hear from the time to time, Actually I only here from his sister via text, and I have to be the one who texted 1st never them.

This month I asked if I could hear them talk to me.

She called, and put on speaker to let them talk, no private time with them.

my father had gone to see them and he had to visit them at a jail with supervision as if he was going to do something wrong and it was only for 15 minutes, a great way to have visitation with your grandkids, when the husband was the one who killed my sis.

As momma always says,  treat people how you want to be treated or it will bite you in your ass.

Once day the children will know the real truth, and their dad won’t look so pretty.

I believe in Karma. As for his sister, I do believe she has hope, only Time will tell.



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