To be a Quilt

Have you ever dreamed to have a quilt of the actual northern lights? Well my friend and I are going to make it possible, picking the right photo will be in the works this weekend. My part is the easy part and that’s picking out the photos Catherine part is the hard part doing the sewing 👀this is one thing I wish I was taught , but once completed I bet it’ll be amazing. Here’s a few images picked out the color of quilt should have black n a few other colors tied in. Excited and can’t wait, stay tuned later in 2017


Baby it’s cold out side

Aren’t you glad this isn’t you? Some states would declare an emergency for this type of conditions. My sis had a kind heart duringbthis type of weather one time she offered a warm meal n a warm home to keep you from freezing over night. She had a heart of Gold, sure miss her

Cinnamon Rolls to love them to hate them 

So what’s the best way to make a cinnamon rolls, cream cheese frosting ? Brown sugar gooey sticky finger frosting? Powder frosting, well these were cooked with Bacon, yup I did it added bacon. How was it hmmm as Mikie says ” don’t like it” the brown sugar gooey sticky finger frosting n bacon bits fresh cooked n chopped up was not my forte with half added pecans. Cinnamon rolls were soft but just not my flavor this time. How do u like your cinnamon rolls?

Frosty Anchorage

This has to be the Frostiest years in Anchorage,

I guess if we can’t have snow we can have frost. It sure makes Anchorage beautiful. But honestly I miss snow. The EAST coast sure has more snow than Alaska pretty sad.

Oh btw, the frost is gone I hope my friends captured some awesome photos while it lasted.

But the fog has returned too so there may still be some hope, if it stays.

As you can see Chugach Mountain Range it too has very little snow. This worries me because of the Summer puts us in fire danger.

If you can see the black this equals lack of snow.

I was once told to write about my journey’s well you see I am not a writer nor do I want to be. But I am trying. So bear with me.

Thank you for dropping in and reading my blog.