Scandinavian Ice Candles for the Holiday’s

Items Needed: one or more large containers, such as 5-gallon white commercial food buckets. a hammer – a large Phillips screw driver – water – a bucket to fill the large container(s) if you can’t fit it under a tap.  Steps:

  1. Fill your large container with water to about 3 inches from the top. The water will expand up as it freezes.
  2. Put it outside your house, and let it freeze overnight or as long as needed depending on the temperature. We usually let it sit on our porch about 10-12 hours in very cold weather (around 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower), but up to 24 hours if it’s closer to freezing.
  3. Bring the bucket back into the house and thaw it for about 15 minutes so that the ice candle detaches from the sides of the bucket.  The ice may make several loud cracking noises as it thaws –  Occasionally a container itself (as opposed to the ice) will actually crack open
  4.  Then, take the container back outside and carefully slide the ice candle out of the bucket. I do this step and the remaining steps in a bathtub .
  5. Carry Outside and place candle inside.

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