Few Years of Changes

Hello and good bye year 2016, boy how time has passed in 2 years and so many things have changed in my life.

What has changed. 1. Family that has changed. 2. Photography 3. Me 4. Pet

Family:     My family has changed. Family is supposed to be about love and kindness. But they have gone to different paths.  Not a path I will follow. Sorry guys but one day you’ll learn about family and your decisions you have made. I am still sad for my sister and her children. I think of them often.

Photography:     Well at one time in my life I have always said I don’t do people shots. This year I have been doing more.  Not sure why, maybe because I like to grow on trying new things.

My heart is still chasing the lights, scenery and animals. But lately I been wanting to do portraits with snow. Red dresses on snow can be amazing.

This year my Joe Reddington Sr. Nomad Boat is on the cover of MTA phone book.50,000 phone books went out with my photo on it. This was a huge win for me. made me proud. I received my photo in a picture frame over the summer at their MTA dinner meeting in June. It was kinda exciting and nervous too. But once done it was nothing, glad I didn’t have to give a speech because I don’t do that. I just said Thank you to the board members.

MTA calendar I won to have the cover of the calendar, but asked to have September for the month, beside the photo was taken in September 🙂 so this works for me too. 10,000 calendars were made and went to businesses, another score for me. I was given about 30 to hand out.

August 30th I had my total Knee replacement on my left knee. Why did I wait so long? Won’t do that again,  December 27th is my 17th Week! I am walking good. Sleeping good, climbing up things good. Brand name is: Stryker Triathlon Tritanium Knee. My recovery time was 2 weeks out of work. than I had gone to part-time and gradually went back to full-time.  I keep asking myself, why I had not done this before. What a big difference it has made.

Last December 1st, I had my nose fixed after having issues with it. It got broken many years ago on my birthday by someone who had rear ended me in a 5 car pile up. But now it is fixed. The had the best plastic surgeon there to do this job.He pulled skin membrane from mky head and got a donor of artifical bone for my nose since i didnt want my rib cage cut into too. than the Reductive rhinoseptoplasty was completed. Surgery was 12/01/2015 I went back to work full time in Febuary. The 1st few weeks were hard! Much harder than my knee. my face hurt, my head hurt, and I could not breathe.

Last Part PETS:  I lost my dog to cancer, Scout is my love n joy of pets! I miss him all the time. No person should ever have to lose a pet. The pain is bad and I named my knee after him. Scout has touched so many life’s in his years. Scout was a goldendoodle. I will one day get another one and hope that he is like him.

Much Love to my Boy Scout! Miss him so much….












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